Arya is a game developed by Ankorafeonix Studios for the PC platform. It is primarily a 3rd person battlefield style game with an integrated RTS element, in which players vie for control over Europe across a zoneless map.  The game also contains PvE content for skilled gamers, and plenty of accessible content for more casual players. 

There are two versions of the game, online and offline. Online Arya has a subscription fee with a discounted initial purchase, while offline has no subscription fee. Players in offline Arya still have access to all content except all mechanics are automated and the world warfare is populated by NPCs instead. People who play offline are still connected to the Arya Network, and are able to communicate ingame with other friends who are playing both offline and online. Offline players are able to join groups of up to 6 and visit each other's games. 

World War 2Edit

The primary concept that Arya revolves around is the recent outbreak of World War 2. At launch, the world map contains vast stretches of land relevant to early battles in the opening days of WW2, and further lands will be added as the war unfolds. This aspect is generally designed to be boundless world pvp that lives and breathes as a real-time war. While NPCs playing the parts of the Axis/Allied powers populate the world with machinery, NPCs and battle, they are in fact equal in strength, and the success of the war depends entirely on players contributions. 

Your Character and the Bigger PictureEdit

After entering the world for the first time, you will be presented with a short story-focused introduction which will aid you in beginning your journey in Europe. There is no compulsary decision at the beginning to pick either the Allies or Axis, but in order to get many rewards, you will need to build up your reputation with one or the other. 

As you participate in more battles, your character will be able to improve their selection of skills and abilities by earning Badges of Merit, Minor Emblems and Major Emblems.