The highest rank amongst the storybook, the Field Marshal is the leader of the group and has full control over the RTSV (Real Time Strategy Viewer). Throughout the storybooks, the Field Marshal is responsible for coordinating players, implementing strategies, improvising according to the changing environments, control and coordinate the host of NPC personell and machinery at their disposal, and otherwise overseeing the success of the operation. Field Marshals must be highly experienced, having achieved prologues in all roles. They should have also undertaken the majority of research about each mission themselves, so that they know the most about each encounter. During the encounter, Field Marshals remain in the Battle Room; their time is spent communicating with players and observing the unfolding situation.


Required prologues for participating as a Commander:

  • Commander of Armies
  • A Treatise on Strategy
  • General of War
  • 2 Combat prologues
  • 1 Support prologue
  • 1 Subtlety prologue
  • 1 Technical prologue


Rewards for Commanders during a storybook are the following:

  • $350 per hour
  • +$200 bonus for every square km gained
  • +$500 bonus for every Chapter Objective completed


  • Field Marshal: Unlocked after successfully leading one storybook operation.
  • Field Marshal II: Unlocked after successfully leading three storybook operations.
  • Field Marshal III: Unlocked after successfully leading six storybook operations.
  • Supreme Field Marshal: Unlocked after successfully leading ten storybook operations.


During a storybook, Field Marshals have access to the following technology tree:

Level 1Edit

  • Power Plant
  • Barricades

Level 2Edit

  • Resource Factory
    • Collection Vehicle (if applicable)
  • Anti-Aircraft Cannon
  • Mechanized Turret
  • Infantry Garrison
    • Combat: Private
    • Combat: Heavy Weapons
    • Combat: Marksman
    • Support: Medic
    • Subtlety: Assassin

Level 3Edit

  • Weapons Factory
    • Light Tank
    • Medium Tank
    • Heavy Tank
    • Artillery
    • Transport
    • Recon
    • Utility
    • Personell Carrier (desig. APC)
    • Tracked Mortar (desig. SpM)
    • Self-propelled Howitzer (desig. SpH)
    • Self-propelled Rocket Launcher (desig. SpR)
    • Infantry Fighting Vehicle (desig. IFV)
    • Armoured Jeep (desig. Jeep)
    • Military Motorcycle (desig. MMC)
    • Military Low Truck (desig. MLT)
    • Military Truck Transporter (desig. MTrans)
    • Wheeled Armoured Fighting Vehicle (desig. WAFT)
    • Mobile Radar Platform (desig. MRP)
  • Military Port
    • Submarine Bay
      • Submarine
      • U-Boat
    • Wharf
      • Carrier
      • Light Cruiser
      • Medium Cruiser
      • Heavy Cruiser
      • Wheeled
      • Seaplane
  • Radar Installation

Level 4Edit

  • Airstrip
    • Hindership Tower
      • Light Hindership
      • Medium Hindership
      • Heavy Hindership
      • Transport
    • Tarmac Strip
      • Light Plane
      • Bomber
      • Large Fighters
      • Transport
      • Recon
    • Helipad
      • Attack
      • Transport

Level 5Edit

  • Advanced Research Lab