Storybook Role: Tactictian

Tacticians are the eyes and ears of the Commander, ensuring that he or she remains fully aware of the changing environment and updating them on things that they might not otherwise know about. Being in the field themselves, the Tactician can often offer insight as to the battle that the Commander might not otherwise have, and can suggest strategies based on first-hand experience. Tacticians require almost as much experience as a Commander, demanding extensive knowledge of combat rules, intel on the enemy, situational awareness and improvisational prowess. On top of all that, the have partial control of the RTSV, and can command a greater-than-average host of personell and machinery. Tacticians will generally erect a Forward Command Center somewhere in the field and venture out (preferably to high ground to keep an eye on the situation.


Required prologues for participating as a Tactician:

  • A Treatise on Strategy
  • Support: Scout
  • Subtlety: Intel Agent
  • Technical: Engineer
  • 2 Combat prologues


Rewards for Tacticians during a storybook are the following:

  • $315 per hour
  • +$750 bonus for every FCP deployed
  • +$500 bonus for every Chapter Objective completed


  • Tactician: Unlocked after deploying one Forward Command Post in a successful storybook operation.
  • Tactician II: Unlocked after deploying three Forward Command Posts in successful storybook operations.
  • Tactician III: Unlocked after deploying six Forward Command Posts in successful storybook operations.
  • Warmaster: Unlocked after deploying ten Forward Command Posts in successful storybook operations.


During a storybook, Field Marshals have access to all levels of the technology tree.