The technology tree is a description of all the things that can be purchased and built through the RTSV (Real-Time Strategy Viewer). A player will have access to different levels of the tree under different circumstances, and is commonly used in storybooks, fables, journals, or player-verse-player content.

The TreeEdit

All trees begin with a Forward Command Centre. Following is a list of the types of buildings that can be built at each new level. A new technology level is reached when the stated requirements are satisfied.

Level 1 (Req: Forward Command Centre)Edit

  • Civil Structure
  • Barricades

Level 2 (Req: Civil Structure)Edit

  • Resource Factory
  • Infantry Garrison
  • Anti-Aircraft Cannon
  • Mechanised Turret
    • Infantry: Soldier

Level 3a (Req: Resource Factory)Edit

  • Arms Factory
  • Military Port
  • Communications Centre
    • Arms: Light Tank (LT)
    • Arms: Recon Vehicle (RV)
    • Arms: Armoured Jeep (Ar-J)
    • Arms: Infantry Fighting Vehicle (IFV)
    • Arms: Military Motorcycle (MMC)
    • Marine: Light Battleship
    • Marine: Seaplane
    • Infantry: Heavy Weapons
    • Infantry: Marksman

Level 3b (Req: Infantry Garrison)Edit

  • Field Ward
  • Concrete Wall
  • Swinggate
    • Infantry: Medic

Level 4a (Req: Arms Factory + Communications Centre)Edit

  • Airstrip
  • Supply Depot
  • Research Centre
    • Arms: Medium Tank (MT)
    • Arms: Armoured Utility Vehicle (AUV)
    • Arms: Wheeled-Armoured Fighting Tank (WAFT)
    • Aircraft: Light Attack Plane
    • Aircraft: Transport Plane

Level 4b (Req: Military Port + Communications Centre)Edit

  • Submarine Pen
    • Marine: Medium Battleship
    • Marine: Submarine

Level 5a (Req: Supply Depot)Edit